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Bio-based Energy Technologies P.C. (BIO2CHP) is a university spin-off company, established in 2017, with the main purpose of bringing to the market a technology which enables the use of raw residual biomass for the small-scale & on-site energy production.


Our Approach Identified Opportunity

Modern agro-food industries face high energy bills & produce large quantities of residues, which even though they could be utilized in their processes providing added value, they are now disposed as wastes. BIO2CHP offers an attractive solution allowing the utilization of the residues' energy content to produce energy on-site.


Our Offering Proposed Solution

BIO2CHP combines the technologies of gasification & internal combustion engines, which are brought together under an automated control system, allowing the continuous energy production in small scale applications. A working pilot has been developed & proved it's potential for operation in real life conditions using up-to-date: grape pomace, peach & olive kernels, and almond shells.


Our Vision Long-term Target

Produce energy where & when it is needed, using wastes where & when they are available. Our vision is to enable small scale decentralized energy production from biomass wastes, thus allowing industries to exploit the maximum of their feedstock, while on the same time reducing their environmental footprint.

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Past, Present, Future

How did everything start, where are we today, & where are we heading from here?

Starting with the the vision of creating a technology company offering products & services that will help address climate change, we have decided to focus on residual biomass utilization for small-scale energy generation. This led to the development of the BIO2CHP unit, a power production set that allows the complete use of raw materials throughout the production process cycle of agro-food SMEs, utilizing solid organic residues for the on-site heat & power production.

The technology is based on long basic & applied research that took place at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, aiming at exploring the potential of using methods & techniques applied in the exhaust gas after-treatment of automotive diesel engines, to "clean" the product of biomass gasification, i.e. syngas. Results demonstrated a promising potential for surpassing technical constraints & limitations of conventional gasification based co-generation plants, mainly regarding their use for small-scale energy recovery of residual biomass. Until today - tens of years after the first applications of the biomass gasification technology - the term biomass, when used with reference to energy production, is limited to specific types of wood and/or wood processing residues, or strongly pre-treated residual biomass mixtures. This comes from limitations of conventional gasification & gas treatment technology, in relation to the quality of the produced syngas, highlighting the need of carefully processing the biomass before using it as a fuel. BIO2CHP technology & research background allowed the development of a comprehensive solution that responds to the up-to-date limitations, allows the minimization of the required pre-treatment of residual biomass & its "direct" use as a fuel for energy production, be it wood residues and/or more "demanding" feedstock, such as grape marcs, coffee grounds, etc.

Today, BIO2CHP's value proposition aims at covering the whole range of biomass production & its use for energy production, starting at the outlet of the production process, its storage & processing, its use for energy generation, the energy production management, etc. All with a particular emphasis on minimizing the required interventions in both the existing infrastructure & customer's facilities, during the installation phase, as well as the required interventions by the user, during the operation phase. Waste management costs are converted into additional revenue, improving profitability & giving a clear competitive advantage, upgrading the environmental image of the end user, through a simple, integrated, autonomous & problem-free process, absolutely friendly & rewarding to the visionary & pioneer producer & the environment.

+ Years of Basic & Applied Research

+ Million of Research Funding

+ Awards & Distinctions

BIO2CHP’s Recognicion

Awards & distinctions

June 2013

LIFE+ Best Projects Award

Regarding the SMARt-CHP Project
EU Level

November 2014

Climate Launchpad Competition Finalist

Largest EU Cleantech Competition
Organized by Climate KIC
Top Three in Greece & Cyprus
EU Competition

January 2015 - January 2016

Stage 1 & 2 of Climate KIC Accelerator

Largest EU Cleantech Accelerator Program
Organized by Climate KIC
the Netherlands

November 2015

Cleantech Open Global Ideas Competition

3rd Place Worldwide
After winning the Industry Disruptors Challenge in Greece
USA, Worldwide Competition

June 2016

Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award Finalist

Among the 10 finalists of the HEA (now Envolve) - 1,100 participants
One of the most prestigious awards in Greece

June 2018 - November 2018

Stage 3 of Climate KIC Accelerator

Largest EU Cleantech Accelerator Program
Organized by Climate KIC

January 2019

VitiVini Lab Competition

Among the Winners of the Competition
Organized by EDOAO - the Greek National Inter-Professional Organization of Vine & Wine

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