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BIO2CHP enables the use of residues for energy production.
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About Us

BIO2CHP offers a small-scale energy generator, which uses organic waste for the on-site heat and power production.

BIO2CHP offers to small and medium industries in the agro-food sector, a bio-based power generator, which converts organic residues into power at a price 3-4x lower than the grid. The whole system is included inside a container and operates at a standalone mode. The system uses the raw residual biomass, that is currently treated as waste or goes to low added-value channels, for the on-site heat and power production, minimizing both energy and waste handling costs.


Ideal for SMEs and remote facilities.

Depending on the residues' type BIO2CHP becomes financially viable for as low as 100 tons of residues per year.

Low pre-treatment

Designed to operate with raw residual biomass.

Main pretreatment tasks - drying and sampling - are performed automatically as part of the feeding system.

Turn-key solution

Minimum installation and operating expenses.

The whole system is included inside a container, while its operation is fully controlled and monitored by a cloud-based software.

Our Approach

Modern industries face high energy bills and produce large quantities of by-products, which even though they could be utilized in their processes providing added value, they are now disposed as wastes. BIO2CHP offers an attractive solution allowing the utilization of the residues' energy content on-site, to cover most part of the energy needs.

Our Offering

BIO2CHP combines two well established technologies, gasification and gas engines, which are brought together through an automated control system, allowing energy production in small-scale applications. A working pilot has been developed and proved it's potential for operation in real life conditions using up-to-date: grape seeds, peach kernels, olive kernels and almond shells.

Our Team

We are a team of engineers including a PhD in gasification systems design, a MSc in sustainable energy systems, a MSc in business and economics and a BSc in mechanical engineering, with diversified professional experiences ranging from pure engineering to finance. Together, we accumulate more than 20 years of experience on R&D and experimental activity on the process of using real life wastes for energy production, under real life conditions.

Our Vision

Produce energy where and when it is needed, using wastes where and when they are available. Our vision is to enable small-scale decentralized energy production from biomass wastes, thus allowing industries to exploit the maximum of their feedstock, while on the same time reducing their environmental footprint.


A working prototype has already proven the concept, operating both in lab & in fully operational environments, using various types of feedstock. The prototype was developed under EU LIFE+ financing and operated for more than 3,000 hours, using grape pomace, olive & peach kernels, almond shells, etc., producing heat & power on-site.

Prototype: The SMARt-CHP Project

Power Output: 3.4 kWel & 9.0 kWth - Energy Output: 0.8 kWhel & 2.1 kWhth per kg of grape residues

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